Ultrafiltration (UF) is also a membranous technology. All the membranes need some external pressure or force to work. Similarly, ultrafiltration plants also require some low pressure to separate the bacteria, viruses, colloidal, and particulates from a stream. Since this ultrafiltration method has large pores, it is relatively easy to operate at low pressure.

Ultrafiltration plant has a wide-spread over food processing sectors. This process rejects viruses, bacteria, and other harm causing pathogens, pyrogens, endotoxins, and particulates but not the ionic species. Hollow fiber is configured in this ultrafiltration processes. As a result of this, the membrane used in this ultrafiltration technique removes colloidal materials, suspensions, bacteria, viruses, and a dissolved molecular organic material is also removed as the cause of it.

Advantages of Ultrafiltration:

1. Increase in product quality.
2. Removal of virus, bacteria and other killing organisms
3. Removal of microbiological waste and matter.
4. Colloidal and silica reduction
5. Improved performance in RO’s downstream pattern
6. Consistent water quality.
7. Not bothered about the feed water quality here

Applications of Ultrafiltration:

1. RO System Pretreatment methods
2. Well water and surface gets purified
3. Industrial water filtration
4. Bio-reactor membranes
5. Wastewaters recycle and reuse patterns.

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