To oxidize and filter iron out of a solution, the air injected removal system employs the latest technology that works in a simple and chemical-free manner. The technology is a user-friendly one that safely removes 15 PPM of iron from the domestic and the other supplies. These systems are featured with heavy brass valves with digital programming status display for regenerating fresh air and water. In combination with the dissolved iron, they effectively remove hydrogen sulfide, which produces rotten egg smell.

Advantages of Iron Removal Systems:

1. Non-staining and odorless water.
2. Less space is enough.
3. No storage of any harsh chemicals.

How did Iron Removal Systems use to work?

1. Initially, the water enters the system, and then it gets passed through a trapped air pocket.

2. From the Air pocket, the filtration process takes place over the media bed.

3. The amount of oxygen present in the air pocket and media bed makes the dissolved iron to oxidize the rust out of the solution.

4. In this way, the left iron oxide particles remain in the media bed for next process.

5. Now the iron-free water starts to flow out from the system. The system periodically washes the tank to remove any trapped iron oxide particles in it.

6. The trapped particles are again washed down to the drain. Finally, the tanks are filled with enough air and water now.

7. This leads to the process of recharging the media bed for enough oxygen. Once the process is over, again the tank gets completed with water for a new process.

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