Electro-oxidization (EO) is one of the assured technologies that remove pollutants from the wastewater. In other words, it is also referred to as the electrochemical process where the oxidation occurs by applying an electric field between the anode and the cathode. Electro-oxidation technology is used to treat effluent from urban wastewater.

Advantages of the electro-oxidization process:

1. Electron acts as the main reagent.
2. Just simple electrochemical cells are required for this process.
3. No addition of chemicals here
4. The process is carried at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.


Electro deionization (EDI) system is used to achieve high purity level through a low conductivity process for an efficient demineralization process. This process is also known as water polishing treatment as it doesn’t involve any chemical treatments.

Advantages of the electro-deionization process:

1. An innovative design system prevents internal and external leaks.
2. Cleaning chambers is easy here
3. Continuous work operation.
4. Eliminating chemicals for complete regeneration.
5. Less power consumption
6. Pollution-free method.
7. Consume only less space for the installations.

Electro-oxidization and electro-deionization are the important aspects of a water treatment plant that help with the purification of water. In case you are in the search of similar services, you can contact and get the more information. If you find us worthy, get a quote and hire us the treatment.