Effluent treatment plant (ETP) is the combination of effluents with an advanced Physico-chemical treatment that processes with a tertiary polishing system for the removal of organic, inorganic, oil, grease, heavy materials and so on.

The Principle Behind ETP:

The simple principle behind this effluent treatment plant includes Physico-chemical treatment for the polishing process. Some of them used for this ETP are sand filtration, activated charcoal treatment, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and evaporation.

Advantages of this ETP:

1. Semi-Automatic Operation standards.
2. Cost-effective approach
3. Advanced sludge handling methods
4. Compact design
5. MS Processing tanks internally coated with FRP
6. Corrosion-free PVC Pipes
7. Better Treated effluent quality works
8. Noise-free operation

Effluent Treatment Plant is a great way to get rid of any kind of material present in the water with an advanced Physico-Chemical treatment. If you are also looking for the similar services, then we can help you with the treatment. Connect with our professionals today and get your water facility treated at the earliest.