Clarifiers are nothing but the settling tanks build with the mechanical products for complete removal of solids that are deposited during the sedimentation process. Since it is the oldest technology, it is widely used for the effective treatment of wastewater. In general, clarifiers are used to remove the solid particulates or suspended solids from the gravitational setting activities.

The principle used in Clarifiers:

Rake arms used to rotate slowly and they are known as clarifiers. Now the liquid is fed into the large clarifier tank. Now the clear liquid overflows from the top of the tank and gets collected in a trough. The supporting columns like bridge support and traction are the main types of primary and secondary clarifiers.

Characteristics of Clarifiers:

1. Make use of the existing facilities for the installation of the tank.
2. The natural downflow process is meant for both treatment and other washing purposes.
3. The non-flocculation process leads to low maintenance and management costs.
4. No pretreatment process is necessary here
5. Fewer in-tank and auxiliary devices make the operation easier.
6. The time required for washing filter media is less.
7. Elimination of suspended solids reduces the dosage of disinfectants in the filtrated H2O.

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