Aeration system is the process of adding air directly to the wastewater. To treat any wastewater, aeration is the most essential one to get rid of the harm pollutants. This aeration process also uses microorganisms that exist in wastewater to degrade the contaminants.

Aeration System Classifications:

Every wastewater treatment system has types of classification to make the process easier. Like the same, this aeration also has 3 types of aerators. They are a Packed-tower aerator, a diffused-bubble aerator, and a spray aerator. Knowing the functionality of these aerators lets you decide the best one for the treatment process.

A Packed Tower Aerator:

This is the basic type of aerator system that consists of a tower filled with a full of packing materials in it. The packing materials are the small pieces of ceramics and plastics. Using this system, wastewater is said to fall from the tower as the air is blown towards it. Now the contaminants will transfer to the air before going outside, which makes this a straightforward type.

Diffused-bubble aerator:

This is another type where the system consists of the numerous chambers and a diffuser that air blows through. In this type, the diffuser will create numerous small bubbles to carry out the chemicals and other pollutants. If there is a chance of flooding, an alarm is fixed at the chambers to aware of the aerators about it.
Spray Aerator:

A spray aerator is another type that is designed to get rid of the low amount of volatile contaminants. In this type, water will enter at the top of the system. A spray is mixed in the form of mist now. Now the treated water is collected under the spray heads in a vented tank. In this way, contaminants are sent outside.

Advantages of Aeration Systems:

1. Oxygen requirement for this process
2. Cost, energy and the capital invested
3. Climatic conditions
4. Tank size and other efficient requirements.
5. Reductions goals in the aerations systems.

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