Being the number one engineering and research company of the country, we have been providing a huge range of engineering, consultancy, and design services for all kinds of water infrastructures. We have been providing all kinds of services for such projects including fluid mechanics, process technologies, hydraulics, structural designs for waterworks including irrigation, infrastructural and mechanical instrumentation and so much more.

Water treatment covers a wide subject of many services. A water treatment plant owns a design, and structure. The materials used in the developments of such establishments must be of high quality with zero defects. This, in turn, becomes an effective method for well cleaned water for domestic and industrial purposes.

Documentation of Work

Before initiating the work, we get it documented, in a proper way. Getting the paperwork done and document all the requirements needed by a water treatment plant is the initial phase that has to be done. Our professionals take the responsibility of documenting all the requirement and if requires any legalization, they get it done from the respective authorities.

All Kinds of Services are Provided Adhered to Govt Guidelines

The water resources management has proposed the set of guidelines required for the design, construction, and operation of the various water treatment services. This is an integral part of the regulatory program directed for a safe environment and public health measures, and we make sure that none of these guidelines are breached during any project.

Our Major Offerings include

All services for the water treatment plant
Urban and Rural Water Supply
 Waste Water Treatment & Network
Industrial water supply and treatment
Lift irrigation plants
Unaccounted For Water (UFW)
Refurbishment of treatment plants


We make sure all the projects are carried out with the help of high-end equipment. All the water infrastructure we are associated with us in the country are provided with superior technical solutions. Mentioned below are different types of technologies included in different projects.

Water Treatment
Tube Setter
Pulsator technology
Rapid Gravity Filter

Industrial Water Treatment
Reactor Clarifier

Effluent Treatment
Physico Chemical process
Aeration process

Waste Water Treatment
Extended Aeration
Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB)
Aeration process

For more information about our services on water treatment plant or requesting a quote, get in touch with us today, and our professionals will assist you at the earliest.