Being in the domain for years, we take responsibility of high-end engineering consultancy projects. The team of experienced experts understand how important of detailed as well as robust work. Engineer consultancy services we offer include the construction of Trunkey. Also, we adhere to the strong guidelines during each project.

Applicability of the guidelines:

There are a set of guidelines, applicable to the selection of consultants by the ministry department or organization, where the cost of the project is funded by the government of India. Our professionals make sure all the projects running under us strictly follow the guidelines by the government.


The EPCM in Engineering and consultancy services offer a contractual setup for Semi Turnkey and Full Turnkey (EPC) Constructional activities. The main key features of EPCM are Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management. EPCM provides a flexible cover to the investors where the time schedule, performances, and budget constraints are some of the relative risks in it.


A turnkey or a turnkey project or a turnkey operation is a kind of project that includes complete construction work so that it can be sold to any buyer as a completed project or product.

Semi Turnkey and Full Turnkey are two types of turnkeys used in any construction work for the purpose of selling it to the end-user.

a)- Semi Turnkey Construction (Partial EPC)

The Semi Turnkey setup is a partial EPC of the Turnkey Project. In this partial EPC Contract, the investor finds a way to involve some direct packages and services to it. This package and services are possible in case of a cost-effective way or by measuring the risk factors involved during this type of project work.

b)- Full Turnkey (EPC) Construction:

This contract, Full Turnkey construction contract is also known as “EPC” (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contract. This contract also offers full support and guarantee of efficiency in the implementation of the project/contract. This requires only a minimum intervention from the investor’s side.

The EPC Contract, on the other hand, guarantees compensation based upon the delay caused. The full responsibility for the overall project cost, performances, and other expenses are explicitly specified in the contractual agreement.

The Partial EPC and EPC Contract work can also be applied in the following fields: Some of them are mentioned below

Sugar Refining and production
Bio-Ethanol Production
Biochemical Production work
Processing edible oil and fats
Bio-diesel production
Supplying biomass to the energy facilities

The guideline mentioned in this document applies to the field of construction and building works. Engineering Consultancy Services offer a familiar construction and documentation work. We are curious to have a discussion on Semi Turnkey and Full Turnkey construction works.