Being in this industry for many years, we have taken full care of all the high-end electromechanical projects. We have a team of experts who help you from documentation to construction and legalization as well. Every project is done under the guidelines of the government. So, there is no scope of any illegal work.

We take care of all kinds of electromechanical services in rural, industrial and urban areas.

Rural Electrification:

Electricity is an important need for all facets of our life and it has been determined as a basic human requirement. It is the key to accelerate economic growth, generation of employment, deduction of poverty, and human development, especially in rural areas. Rural electrification is seen as the key to increasing rural development. The provision of electricity is important to cater to the needs of agriculture and other essential activities including medium and small industries, village and khadi industries, health care, cold chains, education, and information technology.

Relevant extracts of the National Rural Electrification Policy

Goals involve the provision of access to electricity to all households by 2009, reliable and quality power supply at affordable rates, and minimum lifeline consumption of 1 unit as a merit good by 2012.

For habitations/villages where grid connectivity would not be feasible or not affordable, off-grid solutions as per the stand-alone systems may be taken up for supply of electricity.

State government should, within 6 months, notify and prepare a rural electrification plan which should map the electrification delivery mechanism.

Electrical Lines:

An electrical line comprising a hollow conducting tube (tubular or rectangular) within which electromagnetic waves are propagated on a dielectric field conductor or solid dielectric.

a)- Dielectric field conductor-

Dielectric, the insulating material of electric current. When dielectrics are located in an electric field, practically no current flows in them as, unlike metals, they have no loosely bound, or electrons that can flow through the material. Rather, electric polarization occurs. The positive charges within the dielectric are replaced within a minute in the direction of the electric field, and the negative charges are displaced in the direction opposite to the electric field. This polarization or little separation of charges decreases the electric field within the dielectric.

b)- Solid dielectrics-

Solid dielectrics in particular, and to some degree liquids also, present absorption and conduction effects. Conduction happens to be particularly ionic in nature. Absorption is like storing charge within the dielectric. When a capacitor is charged, a particular quantity is presented on its plates due to the geometric capacitance. If the p.d is maintained, the charge grows slowly, owing to absorptive capacitance, probably a result of the slow orientation of dipolar molecules.

All the above-mentioned electromechanical line works should fulfill the standards in terms of material and quality. We will guide you rightly according to your requirement.